Why Online Reputation Management is Valuable for Your Business

There are several good reasons why online reputation management adds value to your business. If you are a small to medium sized business, you may not have the manpower for the essential task of building your company’s reputation from the ground up. That’s where professionals who specialize in building a company’s reputation can play a part. Here are the Top 4 reasons why you should consider engaging the services of a company that specializes in online reputation management:

Reason # 1: Online Reputation Management is Proactive

If your business is still in its infancy, you have a window of opportunity to get out there and create the reputation you want for yourself. Wait too long, and a competitor will do it for you – planting negative reviews and snapping up web domains that your brand should own. By getting out in front of the competition, you’re setting yourself up to succeed. Companies that specialize in managing online reputations have this down to a science. They know what social media platforms your business needs to have a presence on, and can help craft your brand’s voice.

Reason # 2: Use Online Customer Service to Get the Outcomes You Want

When companies have a social media presence it’s inevitable that customers will use the space to complain about the products or services you offer. Venting is natural human behaviour, and the Internet makes life easy for people who want to gripe about your business. But don’t despair – you can turn this to your advantage.

If a customer writes a negative Facebook post, you should have a response at the ready. Then take the conversation to private messaging. This way you can resolve the customer’s issue privately while nipping their criticism in the bud. Handle it the right way, and they may even sing your praises online when the issue is resolved.

Reason # 3: Harness the Power of Online Reviews to Leave a Breadcrumb Trail that Leads Back to You

There are so many customer review sites and forums on the Internet that getting an accurate count is almost impossible. Ratemyemployer.ca and Glassdoor.ca are two of the more commonly known review sites out there. By hiring a firm that specializes in online reputation management, you can harness the power of these websites to leave a breadcrumb trail of positive reviews. This will result in your business generating more leads in a shorter period of time. That’s a win-win situation for you.

Reason # 4: Consider Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform to Manage Customer Interactions

In today’s world there are so many things that demand our attention, both in our personal and business lives. Depending on the size of your firm, it’s unrealistic to expect your staff to remember every single client by name, and the company’s history with each and every client. That’s where CRM comes in. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are two of the better-known CRM platforms out there.

A CRM platform tracks your company’s interactions with every single customer, as well as storing customer contact information and purchase history. You can use this data to strengthen relationships, improve interactions with existing customers, and convert leads to sales efficiently.

Happy reputation building.