Changing Google Autocomplete

Autocomplete appears when you are searching key words in the navigation bar of Google and suggestions come up as to what the search engine thinks you may be searching for. These autocompletes can ruin your company name though.

70% of consumers look up a brand or service before they interact with them as online reviews are the most trusted form of feedback. Say you are looking up Company B. When you get to "Compa", the autocomplete suggestions show "Company B Scam", "Company B Reviews", and "Company B". Individuals will be tempted to click on "Company B Scam" to understand what they are getting themselves into...

Remove Search Results From Search Engines

Among the many search engines, the 3 most popular are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Each have the capacity of ranking results that can either make or break your business.

Online Reputation Repair uses two techniques to get rid of your negative results and reviews. They suppress the result using reverse SEO techniques perfected by their founder, a pioneer in the industry of web search. Note that only 2% on individuals go to the 2nd page of search engine results. If the result has to much traffic and authority, the company will resort to litigation support which is the equivalent of completely removing the result.

PR Support

Most PR firms are not up to date with the latest works of search engine algorithms and the way search results appear. Online Reputation Repair is not looking to compete with PR firms but rather work with them.

This potential complimenting relationship will allow PR firms that do not have search engine optimization and reverse SEO resources to still offer the services to their clients. SEO requires the creation of a mass of unique content which would come from the PR agencies.

Online Reputation Repair is open to working with all businesses and firms to repair professional and personal reputations internationally.




More Services

Among the main service above, Online Reputation Repair additionally will create microsites which will allow to the submission of positive reviews, surround your reputation with social media, create high authority backlinks, and much more.