Repair Google Reputation Problems

Repair Google Reputation Problems

We understand that Google Does not always portray the proper image your trying to convey. There are several ways Google can hurt your online reputation:

Google Suggestions Can Create a Reputation Problem.

Have you ever seen an odd suggestion by google autocomplete?Perhaps something like this:

Google Search Example

What do you think as a consumer when you see this? In most cases, the person will get a bad impression of your business. The impact on your reputation can cause you to loose business. Moreovoer, users will be curious and click on at least one of the negative search results.

In another case, we can see that the search results for one of the most well known and pioneering E-commerce companies are not too flattering:

Google Search Screenshot

Review sites can be damaging to your reputation and lower your CTR and conversion ratios. We are an online reputation company and we repair this sort of result distortion in Google. We can change those Google suggestions and we can suppress negative search results.

The methods we use might be beyond the scope of your SEO team but we can fix these issues in a relatively short period of time so let the expert handle the probem.