What Happens When You’re Attacked Online

There are many ways you could be attacked online. Someone can write negative things about your company simply because they do not like your value proposition i.e. your product or your service. Or someone is saying bad things about you or your brand because they just don’t like you for some reason. It may even be because you are being digitally extorted. This means that someone wrote a negative article or blog and is expecting payment for the removal of the negative content. Online Reputation Repair has many ways to ensure that your reputation improves. 

The following is a list to protect yourself against these kind of attacks:

1) You should have a strong online presence. This means that your company and yourself should have social media profiles, blogs, micro sites, landing pages, etc. If you are SEO savvy, it is highly recommended to optimize these sites so they can rank high on Google, If you are not SEO savvy, you can do your research on blogs or articles to understand what needs to be done to rank better on the search results. If you do not have time to do that research, there are hundreds of agencies specializing in improving your search rankings but this option can get expensive.

2) Always perform vanity searches. It is very important to know where things are ranking and this way, you can see if there are negative articles moving up on the rankings or not. Take action right away if you see negative material creeping up the search results. Either build up more content or hire online reputation experts to help.

3) Be transparent with your stakeholders. Since you have social media sites, it is very easy for someone to write about negative experiences they had with your company. I cannot stress enough that you should not delete these posts. The best course of action is to reply to them to help remedy the situation. This way potential customers can see how you dealt with them and expect the same treatment if that were to happen to them. As I mentioned earlier, there are people who will also write things about you because they just don’t like you. Again, communicate with the public on why this person is behaving this way.

4) Hire an online reputation management agency. I say this for extreme cases who do have a negative post which ranks high on Google and is affecting their brands sales or an individual’s personal life. This might happen because the company or the individual is not too present online or if they posted something in the past on social media that is still indexed on Google. There can be many reason people may need this service.  


5 Special Tips about Online Reputation

Repair It is expensive in terms of money and time to build a great brand, and it takes just hours to destroy especially if your blogger is disappointed with your business. When your company receives bad feedback or comments from online blogger and clients, it is likely to lose its reputation and perform poorly. In other words, an online company will die or survive based on what other players say about it. However, bad reputation does not imply the end of everything pertaining to your company, since there are ways and techniques to employ and improve the status. Here are the 5 tips to repair badly reputed online enterprise.

  1. Seek help from your happy customers

Of course, you have been having frequent customers who buy products from your business website. Regular customers are definitely happy with what you offer, and they will be willing to assist you repair the badly reputed company. This can be achieved through encouraging them to post their unbiased posts about their experience with your services or products. Such happy customers can be your business advocates, and help rebuild your company. However, some customers might not be comfortable to post feedback according to your request. Therefore, motivate them by offering incentives through discounts or coupons as rewards for positive reviews posted.

  1. Consider using profile defenders

You might try to convince happy customers to post positive reviews about your business, but they fail to respond to your requests. In such a situation, you can opt to use online tools such as profile defenders to remove bad content and defamatory comments online. This online reputation management company will consider helping you as an assistance given to one of their clients. Therefore, they will improve your company’s reputation by getting deep to the bottom of the issue.

  1. Develop strong relationships

This is done through creating good relationship with your customers. To achieve this effectively, ensure that you give a reply to every positive feedback from a client. This can help greatly restore good reputation of your company online.

  1. Follow up your posts

This is also referred to as tracking your posts made about your business. It helps in early reaction to bad posts by intercepting them before they go viral, which in turn may create a bad image of your company online. Ameliorating the bad posts in advance can assist in dispersing the issues raised by the poster, and then neutralize misconceptions among the viewers.

  1. Take part in various online forums

Online communities can help you in rebuilding your tarnished profile. Create informative and educational content and post them free of charge so that others can read and learn new things. If the community likes your freebies, they are likely to give positive feedback about your company. However, you need to join these online forums with a main objective to help others but not making any profit.